Functional Testing Tools

Cypress is built in an open-source JavaScript testing framework that excels at providing a robust end-to-end testing. With Cypress web test automation tool, we easily write powerful and flexible tests for your web applications. Our testers help test the front end and ensure the application is bug free. This tool has support for BDD and TDD style testing, makes the testing process more reliable. Cypress uses Mocha (a JavaScript test framework running on Node.js and in the browser) and Chai (assertion library for node and the browser). Experience a real interactive page at that point of execution through screenshots of each page at the time of its action.

We do Selenium open source testing to cut down the test time. Competitive features of the tool will increase the efficiency & effectiveness of the application. By using Selenium Software Testing framework, we test variety of web applications on all Operating Systems (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) browsers (Firefox, chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari), platforms and Languages (Java, Perl, Python, C#, Ruby, Groovy, Java Script, and VB Script). Using Selenium test suite WebDriver, we communicate directly to the browser, overcome potential challenges in Automation Testing, run the same set of tests on different browsers, execute regression tests etc.

Katalon Studio Automation Testing Tool is being built on top of the open-source Selenium and Appium frameworks. It supports in Web, Mobile and API testing needs. In specific it addresses the challenge of lacking the integration among open-source test automation frameworks amid un-affordable commercial solution. It solves the test automation difficulties by supporting the built-in test framework and saves the time and investment in designing an automation framework. With the Katalon Studio’s built-in features, we start automating the application right from the first sprint in Agile project. It supports the concept of page object, object repositories and data-driven testing to increase productivity. Test scripts are run in parallel execution mode, it also supports for testing in multiple browsers and OS.

We make use of test project, a test automation framework and create automated tests for both web and mobile applications. Using the test project tool, the user can mix and match tests in different languages for the same test case. Test project is much friction-less to run on real Android / iOS devices, simulators since it has all dependencies to run the test.