Stress Testing

Stress Testing to assess software performance beyond peak conditions and define the system’s load capacity. Our testers review the websites / application performance under loads beyond normal conditions, analyses on error handling solutions, mitigate security threats & memory leakages. Outsource your stress testing services to us, we will perform systemic stress testing services that lets you to better understand the strengths, weaknesses, and areas of opportunity.

Identify the maximum operating capacity the system can handle in terms of extreme load.

  • Analyse & find which type of user data (if any) is corrupted
  • Determine for any triggers that signal risk
  • Identify the hardware features that can affect software endurance
  • Predict failures connected to high loads

How we do – Process

  • Analyse & plan the stress test goals
  • Generate test data for each test scenario
  • Run the stress test & store the result
  • Review the identified bottlenecks
  • Fine-tune configurations & optimise code to meet benchmarks

Advantages of Stress Testing

  • Creates awareness to team on expected damages & remedial plans
  • Checks the software for common bugs & memory leaks
  • Detects wide range of issues & provides foundation for scalability

Benefits of Stress Testing

  • Ensures the system recovers even after the failure
  • Ensures sudden crash do not result in data security issues.
  • Verify to save the necessary data before crashing
  • displays error message during high loads.