Performance Testing

Performance testing helps evaluate certain quality attributes of the business critical application/ product before its marketed. This testing is done to locate any performance problem & guarantee high quality service to end users.

For any application usability, loading speed & scalability are the parameters that confirm the performance, to ascertain application behaviour at peak performance and scalability levels we do performance testing and gather metrics useful for tuning the system. We will test the application & identify bottlenecks such as database configuration, network, hardware issues etc and submit you detailed test report. By working closely with your development team you can find remediation with response times, break-point, peak load, memory leaks, resource utilization, uptime, etc.

By doing software performance testing with us you can get the most out of your application as well achieve customer satisfaction & loyalty. We help you achieve optimal system performance by resolving performance issues before they rise.

Performance Testing Types

We are proficient in using tools like JMeter, Load runner for performance testing. Our proficient team with vast experience will detect defects early, minimize the risks remove bugs, and fix failures in your system.


  • Preventing system crashes
  • Mitigates Scalability risk
  • Enables to get real-time performance insight
  • Improves load capability
  • Detect bottlenecks that limit system performance