Manual Testing

Software Testing services carried out by our Manual Testers ensure compliance of your application against specified functional requirements. We test the web & mobile applications across multiple devices & uncover several functional, security, usability bugs and accessibility bugs. Our qualified team of testers working in parallel with developers will fix them at early stages of development. We pay attention to the minutest of details and ensure your products are at the highest level of quality.

We can work collaboratively with development teams & help them catch all defects before it’s released. Structured communication backed with detailed test execution status at regular intervals make sure they get accurate & expected results. We undertake the complete responsibility and do end to end testing that cater to our client’s diverse business needs.

Hiring Models

  • Hire dedicated testing team
  • Project based outsourcing
  • Part time / fulltime tester

Benefits of Outsourcing Manual Testing

  • Improves software reliability
  • Reduces the cost of further modifications
  • Discover usability glitches
  • Get error free software

Outsource Manual Quality Assurance or Hire a dedicated software tester to reduce the risks associated.