Case Study

Load and Performance Testing Solution for Fleet Management Software System

Load and Performance Testing Solution for Fleet Management Software System


The client is into management and maintenance of tracking and facilitation services for logistics, supply chain, and for various other automobile industry with reliable and competitive support services.


The client wanted to achieve a greater fleet accountability by accurate monitoring of the location of vehicles to meet the consignment of safety, security and visibility for its users with their bug-free fleet management software. Also they need to provide their customers with instant and accurate data regarding the delivery status of their goods.

What We Did

For the client’s fleet management software system, we provided load and performance testing using JMeter & Jenkins that helps to calculate the response time, throughput, bottleneck identification of an application. Jenkins performance testing enables the admin / users to focus on their work by automating the build, artifact management and deployment processes. With the benefit of having auto triggering build option in Jenkins, Apache JMeter is an be integrated from Jenkins to execute the performance test at regular intervals that checks the stability of application and to reduce the risk of downtime.

Technologies Used

  • Jenkins
  • Apache JMeter


  • Reduced man efforts by auto triggering
  • Ensures the stability of the product for customer satisfaction
  • Regular performance monitoring reduces the risk of downtime
  • Track of records to maintain performance of the application