Case Study

iPad App Testing Services done for a Medical Transcription Service Provider

iPad App Testing Services done for a Medical Transcription Service Provider


The client is a leading transcription service provider in Australia & New Zealand. They offer report transcription, editing and mailing services for medical practices with Practice Management software. They deliver risk management / data protection strategies for patient and client data in medical, legal and clinical psychology practices


Client’s requirement was to have transcriptions (Medical transcriptions) iPad app testing, where group of doctors can record their voice then convert into audio file and upload them into client server for taking report. It should also have facility to allow their clients to seamlessly dictate their correspondence and securely upload them to server via WIFI or a 3G/4G connection.

What We Did

Our testing team professionals analyzed the iPad app and started testing the dictation app running on actual devices with plethora of test cases. Auto-Save functionality was tested to ensure no loss of any recording file, and availability of Add, delete, and rename option for each recording files. The mobile app was provided with facility to dictate and upload an individual voice file up to a maximum of 80MB in file size, so max and min size of files are tested with performance in mind. Multiple negative and interruption testing is done to ensure the recorded voice is not lost because of any mobile interruptions like, call, messages, notifications, battery drain etc.

Testing Technologies

Manual cross-browser ipad App Testing


  • Sponsors shall donate used mobiles to labours
  • Ensure record and playback in the background and Pause while recording
  • Auto-Save ensures recorded File safety without any data loss
  • Archive their dictations for future reference and delete unwanted dictations.
  • Provision to download any required file from admin portal.
  • Ability to recover from interruptions