Case Study

Manual Testing for Healthcare Management Application

Manual Testing for Healthcare Management Application


We helped a leading Ortho Hospital in India to manually verify & test the end-to-end functionality of their healthcare management application and ensured smooth functioning of the system for their patients.


Client was in need of our Manual testing services for the entire healthcare application functions starting from registration of patient, Appointment booking, lab record maintenance, payment methods regulation, Pharma stock maintenance, ambulance service till patient discharges.

What We Did

We did manual testing of the healthcare management application for various factors including standards, safety, compliance, cross dependency with other entities. The healthcare management application was designed to regulate & manage patient enrollment, ambulance availability & booking, doctor appointment booking, lab results, pharmaceutical & other assets stock, room allotting, discharging, re-shifting and canteen for patient dietary.

Our team of testers did comprehensive testing of the healthcare management application, that includes interoperability, compliance, regulatory, security, safety testing etc to make it more reliable. We took utmost care at all stages to protect patient sensitive data and health information while interconnecting all these into a single web application.  We did it in such a way that any changes done anywhere either in one component or layer doesn’t lead to affect the other.

Technologies Used.

  • Manual Testing


From test plan preparation to test risk analysis we do everything and send you updates at the different stages and cycles of the testing process. Reduces development cycle time

  • Eliminates interoperability and integration issues
  • Bug detection in the initial phase shrinks’ development time

Protects patient sensitive data and health information