Case Study

Insurance Web Application Testing using Selenium Framework

Insurance Web Application Testing using Selenium Framework


Client company has over 170 products catering to almost all segments of general insurance business. They wanted to reap the benefit of web application developed by helping customers to make their claims experience hassle-free.


They wanted to outsource and hire a team of software testing professionals to test their insurance web application and keep it bug free. In addition, they also needed the team to build an functional test suite to speed up QA time and thereby reduce deployment schedule.

What We Did

Our functional testers helped the client to overcome testing challenges by providing comprehensive test coverage quickly using selenium framework. Selenium was chosen as the functional testing framework due to its robustness, cross-browser compatibility, and extensive community support. With us client company could overcome the manual execution of many repetitive test cases, easily handle any exceptions or errors that may occur during the execution of the web application.

Our QA test engineers started writing detailed test cases for each function in the insurance web application. As the application had many complexities in its policy management module, for example to handle tasks such as creating new policies, modifying existing policies, calculating premiums, managing claims, and generating reports we first focused on user management test cases, later to confirming successful pass and fail of the test cases, we moved on to specific functions of the software, that were complex logic, calculations, or validations.

Our solution of functional testing using selenium framework provided consistent and accurate test results. By expediting the web application testing process, we ensured that the insurance application remained stable and error-free.

Technologies Used for the Web Application Testing

  • Selenium Framework

Benefits of Application Testing using Selenium Framework

  • Improved customer service quality
  • Automation test scripts improved accuracy
  • Saved massive amount of time, cost and resources
  • Gain a good first impression on the customers


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