Growing demand for Automated Regression Testing Services

Growing demand for Automated Regression Testing Services

In today’s time with the advent of CI/CD process, changes are inevitable and continuous to the software application. Automated Regression testing of software application verifies the changes made in an application improves quality and reduce defects. In other words, it’s executing tests repeatedly on an ongoing basis regardless of the iteration or phase of development. Our test engineers were hired for doing regression testing of Vendor Management System that was included with a custom feature to select multiple Purchase Orders in a single Shipping Notice.

Software development team has recently customized the standard product to fit the customer’s business needs. Value addition done to the standard vendor management system is enhancing the software application with the additional feature to select multiple purchase orders in a single shipping notice. The automated regression testing cases covered the key functionality and areas impacted by the enhancements, in particular the areas tested are the shipping notice flow, its interlinked flows as well as main & critical functionalities in the flows.

Test case written by our experienced test engineers covered the various input combinations, including valid and invalid inputs, edge cases, and any specific conditions introduced by the enhancements. By performing continuous testing we helped the client to find and fix more defects that was reflecting in related flow which was fixed and ensured that there is no defect cascading.

Outsource our software testing team to help drive operational efficiency, reduce risks, and achieve better vendor management outcomes. To discuss how you can leverage our testing resources expertise and continuously streamline the quality of your product feature enhancement contact us. Our test engineers can conduct automated regression testing to help you mitigate risk and ensures that new functionalities or changes you do to the software application does not adversely impact your software application process.