Automated Solution for an eCommerce Website to make Regression Testing Simpler

Automated Solution for an eCommerce Website to make Regression Testing Simpler

Web and mobile apps have been put to regression testing which is a core part of quality assurance (QA) and software testing. Before the release of a software system that has been built the software company has to ensure that it works as intended.

Regression Testing is an important strategy

This is where regression testing come into use. It is the process of running existing features and looking for regressions. In other words, regression testing is the re-running of the functional and non-functional tests to ensure that no newly developed code causes breaks or bugs in any functionality in the software. If any changes are made regression tests is purposed to detect any unwanted changes to ensure that the software will perform as desired. In this exercise functional testing will be done manually first and once a feature is found stable test cases are automated.

Whereas in regression testing only those test cases that are stable already are executed manually or automatically. Functional testing is a form of automated testing that deals with functions of the application in relation to the users and with respect to the rest of the system. You can perform regression tests faster with automation which does not require major resource and time investment. To perform regression tests faster and simpler, you can automate the majority of the regression testing.

The User Experience is critical

The spike in online shopping has led to numerous ecommerce apps and website getting introduced online. Many organisations are accelerating and retooling their online offerings to meet the growing demand and trend in online buying. Online shoppers are expecting efficient ecommerce mobile apps and websites and seamless user experience. If at any point there is a bad experience, they tend to lose a big chunk of customers. Therefore, a QA and testing is an important strategy for customer satisfaction. Automated functional and regression testing helps to identify glitches and bugs to uncover critical flaws and inconsistencies that can damage customer experience. Testing sets the base for a well-functioning application with all features work as per requirements.

Functional automation testing is for validating the thousands of products and SKUs. Processing the product includes its size, weight and MRP as per requirements. testers focus on web and mobile app testing (UI & UX) and on functional & integration system testing for the reliable performance and the product information for over a million products directly from the database. To ensure the quality of the launched app, the Concurrent User Performance testing is carried out with Login, Account Details, Product Authentication, traceability and recalls.

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