Automation Testing Services using Katalon Studio Tool

Automation Testing Services using Katalon Studio Tool

Automation Testing is best suited for projects that require substantial amount of tests. To repeat test case, improve quality & overcome common challenges automated testing is more reliable and way quicker.  Whenever coding updates are made or new functions are developed we use reliable automation testing tools to increase test speed, test efficiency and software quality.

In today´s fast moving world, clients prefer software development processes that will be released earlier, without any bugs. In line to this requirement, we use Katalon Studio Tool, a powerful automation tool set for web and mobile app testing. It supports data-driven testing which allows users to define data sets and execute test scripts that use these data sets. The powerful features here help overcome common challenges in web UI test automation, for example, pop-up, iframe, and wait-time.

By using Katalon Studio tool we do the following

  • Create test scenarios that accurately simulate real business work flows
  • Runs test cases or test suites using multiple configurations and data sets.
  • Do continuous integration by integrating the Popular CI tools such as Jenkins and Teamcity
  • Achieve complex functionality using script mode
  • Generate multiple intelligent report with screenshots


If you want Katalon Studio automation testing solution services that provides lots of capabilities and customization’s for effortless maintenance and project scale up Contact Us.