Functional Automation Testing for an eCommerce Application using Test Project

Functional Automation Testing for an eCommerce Application using Test Project

Any web or mobile applications need to be tested & ensured that it’s user-friendly and functions properly under different circumstances. Even a slightest error in the code may lead to wrong operating of important functions so we with mature analytical knowledge, skills and broad testing experience combine the best practices of functional automation testing to verify whether the software product complies with all functional aspects of a product.

We do functional testing for Web, Android, iOS applications and support clients to monitor for unexpected failures. There’re a few things that are often overlooked during the software development phase, so QA engineers focus on validating the system to ensure quality after every development and release. Our Functional testing team use Test project an Open Source Tool to debug fast and release at confidence with outstanding reports.

Test Project Tool allows testers and app developers to do their jobs quickly, besides enables them collaborate using popular open source frameworks (e.g., Selenium and Appium) to ensure quality with speed. Recently our QA team have implemented the recently released Test Project Tool version to automate the eCommerce application and enhance the customer experience. The newly added add-ons in test project tool helped us to execute the automation in an improved manner and also meet the functional test coverage of whole eCommerce application.

As a premium QA service provider in India, we do understand the software that is to be tested and decide on a set of tests to run like performance, usability, resilience, security, scalability. Our end-to-end functional automation testing covered all the scenarios that the end-users usually work out, thus uncovered several critical bugs before release. And our QA Team progressed scheduler running of test in the test project tool make the automation testing more easily to run the test at the specified whenever the client needs.

Advantages of Functional Testing using Test Project

  • Ensures greater accuracy and efficiency
  • Enables collaborative testing
  • Does test record for Web, Android & iOS apps
  • Tests browser compatibility for Web, Android & iOS
  • Measures success vs failure during various periods
  • Smart test recorder allows you to effortlessly create automated tests

To bring high-quality software to the market faster at significantly lower costs contact us. We can help you implement a robust functional automation testing strategy and reduce time to market using latest automation tools.