Automated UI testing using Simple and Powerful Nightwatch.js

Automated UI testing using Simple and Powerful Nightwatch.js

Success of any application depends on its functionality & on its nature of interactivity with user through its user interface. Automated UI testing is done to ensure that all interaction Buttons placed at the front end-of a design is displayed as specified. The major reason to follow this Automated UI testing process is to ascertain the program behaviors and to increase the client’s level of confidence in the application and its successful deployment.

This news article speaks about ANGLER‘s automated UI testing services, done using Simple & Powerful Nightwatch.js. We offer web application functional testing using selenium and Nightwatch.JS which has following features to easily test & verify the results of the actions being performed.

Simple & powerful syntax enables you to write tests very quickly, using only JavaScript and CSS selectors. No need to initialize other objects and classes, you only need to write the test specs.

  • Built-in command-line test runner enables you to run the tests either altogether, by group or single.
  • Manages the Selenium server automatically; can be disabled if Selenium runs on another machine
  • Continuous Integration support: JUnit XML reporting is built-in so you can integrate your tests in your build process with systems such as Hudson or Teamcity.
  • Use CSS selectors or Xpath to locate and verify elements on the page or execute commands.
  • Easy to extend if you need to implement your own commands specific to your application.

To deliver an effective, efficient functions that users expect contact us. We offer End-to-End automated UI testing solutions to catch bugs earlier rather than later.