Functional Automation Testing for Time & Attendance Management Software

Functional Automation Testing for Time & Attendance Management Software

Time & Attendance Management Software from ANGLER provides comprehensive solution for improving business productivity. It records employee timings to work by using the various standard Biometric Devices, Face Recognition Devices, Smart Cards etc. ANGLER has ensured it functionality by successfully Implementing Functional Automation Testing. Our testing team professionals did selenium automation test using selenium scripts which is a perfect choice for automated testing. This enabled them to test the already integrated functionality and new added functionality for performance.

Requirement based testing

We upgraded our standard product with a new module to import bulk data at one shot. To be more specific we enabled import of manual time entries, extra hours worked entry segregation / mapping the employee extra worked hours under Overtime or Compensation Off for each employee easily. Here we confirmed the specific action/ function of the code.

Regression testing

We also did regression testing is to find the bugs which might have occurred accidentally due to the new change introduced. To maintain the quality of the product and to capture unexpected issues in the existing functionality along with the new changes we automated & prioritized the test cases based on the changes done to the feature or module in the application.

Benefits of Functional Automation Testing

  • Responds properly to all kinds of inputs,
  • Performs the functions swiftly within reasonable time
  • Easily checks the import feature of manual time entry screen
  • Saves time by reducing test cycle time
  • Incredibly easy to test & confirm efficiency

Functional Automation Testing has helped us to keep the quality of our product high. If you prefer to outsource your testing requirements, then don’t look further we provide software testing and quality assurance services that make sure that the software application is defect free. For more details contact us.