Benchmark Testing done for a Logistics Industry based Web Application

Benchmark Testing done for a Logistics Industry based Web Application

Benchmark testing is done as part of the application development life cycle. We usually do this performance testing to assess the quality measures. One of our client asked us to test their web application and compare the systems performance against specific performance metrics to ensure quality standards. Client gave us the overall metrics based on the daily usage of application such as number of users using the application, transaction per second, frequent freight price changes, hardware, network utilization etc.

Our QA team with expertise took up the project and did performance benchmark testing of the logistics application for Service level agreements, determine current performance and see to for changes to improve performance of all its functional operation. Our goal was to create a testing scenario by describing the different ways the feature will be used.  By understanding the system architecture, we executed the test case and recorded the results to find out loop holes in the performance of the deliverables whenever it is released.

  • Various functional testing we did to the application helped them to determine the performance related bug that occurred due to heavy usage of the application.
  • We practically established user/customer experience and helped them to identify essential activities
  • We ensured operating system and supporting drivers work accurately. Examined initial static data and update according to no of users

Benchmark testing done helped client to understand how the database manager responds to different conditions. To test your application and to ensure that it satisfies the business requirements contact us we can assist you identify the error and resolve them to get a quality product.