End-to-end Functional Testing for the Cloud-based Managed Print Solution Provider

End-to-end Functional Testing for the Cloud-based Managed Print Solution Provider

To ensure a software application or product is working as intended is mandatory before its launch. To ensure its proper working we have to test it beforehand. This is where Functional Testing plays a crucial role in the life-cycle of the software application. Therefore, we find web and mobile apps have been put to regression testing also as a core part of Quality Assurance (QA) and software testing.

How Software Testing ensures a long product life-cycle

Some of the popular software applications are hosted online and supported by mobile applications which is usually updated and published in later versions. With regard to a next generation print management suite which is profusely used in many industries, such as education, technology, research, office management etc., end-to-end functional testing is critical for its life-cycle and continual performance.  This cloud-based user oriented print management system mainly handles local and cloud print jobs, scan jobs, fax jobs, etc. The application is meant for tracking purposes and is the integration of other office technology products. The primary intention for testing it is to ensure there is quality in the released product version offered on the market.

End-to-end Functional testing on a daily basis for Print Management App

The software testing team at ANGLER was given this product for testing, whose new features released on the market is on sprint basis. Functional end-to-end testing on a daily basis is being carried out on both the new and existing functionalities of the software application. The testing team began regression tests on printing of all formats of documents/images, both locally and remotely, while tracking the accountable details in the server. The team undertook functional testing and standardized the deliverables. End-to-end Functional testing thus helped to provide the best delivery of the product whenever the version is released.

The software testing team at ANGLER has the right experience and expertise to deliver results. The team can help you to build the right application and test it for your business, eCommerce, service or any other app idea. Know more about our software testing capabilities from our website. You can also leave an enquiry with us and we will get in touch with you as early as possible.