JMeter 3.X Performance Testing Solutions

JMeter 3.X Performance Testing Solutions

Testing Solutions helps recognize the bugs in the software, identify any performance related issues before customers do. Statics state that 86% of respondents delete an application after experiencing poor performance. Any software application released without doing performance testing, may suffer from issues such as: running slow while several users using it simultaneously, inconsistency across operating systems.

ANGLER, a renowned Software Testing Service provider understands the project context and helps stakeholders make informed decisions related to the overall quality of the application. Our testers use JMeter 3.X, a popular performance testing tool to test and analyze the performance of systems under a wide range of conditions. This tool helps assess release readiness, determine compliance with performance goals and requirements besides helps to receive detailed results with new set of graph and reports in bar charts.

To improve the application before it goes to market we test the application & generate following reports.

  • Analyse behavior and response time of your Application.
  • Analyse request connect time (time taken for your request to hit server) by connect time over time graph report.
  • Response time is a key feature to keep your customers with your application. Poor response time will result in poor user experience, so it is crucial to identify and detect problems in early with the Response time percentiles over time graph report.
  • Sent bytes is new feature which adds spices to your report (calculates how the connect time is influenced by number of sent bytes).

Our testing report ensures customer satisfaction & protects investor’s investment against product failure. To avail details of our Performance Testing service you can contact us.