ANGLER Uses Sikuli Tool for Automation Testing Services

ANGLER Uses Sikuli Tool for Automation Testing Services

ANGLER, a leader in providing automated testing services to clients across the globe for various desktop apps makes use of Sikuli an automation tool to identify and control GUI components. By using this automating GUI testing tool, our software testing team executes the test steps automatically without human intervention. We do automate every kind of scenario – not only UI tested application, but also actions those that are related to OS, web page, network etc.

Sikuli tool supports to automate flash objects, when configured with Selenium WebDriver, we can automate anything displayed on the screen. This helps us to test web as well as windows application and ensure the application performs as expected with respect to user interface behavior regardless of technology.
We with years of experience in test automation have helped our clients reduce time to market as well assure delivery of high-quality products/ services.

With Sikuli Testing Tool ANGLER does the following

  • We automate anything on screen without support of internal API
  • Test any desktop application on Windows, Linux, Mac, iPhone and Android too
  • Automate Adobe Video/Audio player, Flash Games on website
  • Testing Using Screenshot images of the software makes coding easier


  • Increase your application quality
  • Accelerate your Time-to-Market
  • Save costs associated to fixing a defect
  • Regression testing that are impractical manually
  • Lowers customer attrition rates
  • Greater test coverage

If you want to improve your productivity and get better quality?  Then go for Automating GUI testing using “Visual Image Match” method with Sikuli Tool. For more details, Contact us.