Load Testing the Live Stream Videos

Load Testing the Live Stream Videos

In today’s age mobile (web) traffic itself has experienced almost 50 percent of online video and as performance becomes a major factor it’s crucial to improve the likelihood of meeting or exceeding expectations when it is live. High video quality and fast load times are on the top of consumers’ preferences, to make your customers watch Live video without any lags or buffering delay we at ANGLER do load test your videos and ensure to reduce pause times (Lag) during the play.

We put an end to slow video streaming by performing load testing using this HLS Plug in and JMeter tool. Customer satisfaction remains the cornerstone for success, to achieve this we have a team of highly skilled testers who have immense experience to do this, we simulate with no of virtual users visualising the video, further cover the test by using a range of mobile devices and networks. We also test by configuring the simulation such as changing the Bandwidth, Play Options, Network options etc to accurately access and determine the quality of experience.

Advantages of Load testing

  • Web and Mobile Accessibility
  • Improving Engagement
  • For a better Brand reputation
  • HLS can bypass firewalls or proxy servers
  • reduce pause times (Lag) during the play
  • adapting to different network bandwidths

To make most out of your video content, achieve the desired impact on your viewers contact us. We help you to perform realistic load-, stress, and other characteristics test in a unique and unrivalled way.