Test Management Application Technology Upgradation

Test Management Application Technology Upgradation

Technology has transformed the traditional examination process and has introduced online test management system that has functionalities to streamline the examination process. In changing times, we could see education industry adopting this top notch Online test management software to take online test. ANGLER being a Custom Software Product Development company has recently offered software technology upgradation solution for a US based client’s test management application system.

We have upgraded the web application using CakePHP technology, provided attractive UI for all type of users with user-friendly screens. The test management application enables the institute admins / sub-admins administrator prepare create category / add or edit / delete existing questions. Apart from test creation institute can easily manage agencies, their profiles, do search the application in multiple ways.

Key Functionality of the Application

  • Add & manage new agencies & agency administrator in your database
  • Maintain agency profile & set privilege to enter pre and post test data
  • Built-in question management, categorized as pre-test & post test
  • Management of student agency administrator, agency facilitator
  • Admin can create and maintain questions in the form of a catalog
  • View / print test reports based on individual/ curriculum / facilitator

This tool is easy to adopt and affordable, reduces manual work, maintains accuracy and saves time. To switch to this system & make your examination process easy & simple contact us.