Reduce Risk & Keep your Web application safe by using our Wapiti Security Testing Service

Reduce Risk & Keep your Web application safe by using our Wapiti Security Testing Service

With the rise of cloud based applications and sophisticated hacking tools, it is quite important to improve security features. Now, it’s imperative for businesses across all industries to take measures to protect their lifeline application from attackers. To overcome this, security testing is the only method that gives insight into crucial problems, vulnerable patterns like SQL injectionCross-Site Scripting etc.

Application-security testing reduces data breaches, helps find risk in applications & above all saves major time when found in early stages of the development life-cycle. We use Wapiti security testing tool to discover vulnerabilities in the web application. This tool injects payloads to check for vulnerability, scans & checks for dangerous file on server & then generates vulnerability report in various format like html, xml, json, txt.

Our Wapti security testing services team has tested a training app, manufacturing report app, ERP application by providing inputs in both GET and POST HTTP to check whether the vulnerable are attacked. Besides, we also use this tool & do authentication via different methods, to communicate over a non-secure network to prove their identity to one another in a secured manner. By using the fuzzer tool we identify the invalid, unexpected, or random data as inputs to a computer program. We also do check for the vulnerabilities by using brute force directories and files names on the targeted web server.

Performing security testing is significant for any application as it reduces costs and eliminates the problem of having to deal with many security vulnerabilities close to release. To  make sure that your Web / Mobile application meets security requirements and is safe from attackers outsource  your web application penetration testing services to us or make use of our testers to scan and test the web applications for potential risk.