Test Automation Services using JMeter with Taurus Framework

Test Automation Services using JMeter with Taurus Framework

Automation testing service of ANGLER helps meet quick release cycles besides enhances product quality. Software Product companies can outsource their testing needs, opt for Taurus, open source testing framework and deliver a seamless and defect free software. Taurus is an open source test automation framework  that provides a simple way to create and run performance tests & analyse performance tests by executing the existing JMeter Script. This tool is one of the best frameworks to integrate with JMeter and other additional open-source performance testing software, like Selenium to reduce product release time that has a significant effect on return on investment (ROI).

In fact, Taurus tool is basically an abstraction layer over JMeter hides the complexity of performance and functional tests with an automation-friendly convenience wrapper. It is user-friendly for configuration, running and analyzing test results. This framework intends to facilitate evaluation, bug finding and integration of contributed code/patches, as well as to promote test driven development in Taurus.

Advantages of using Taurus tool

  • Taurus is a free and open source framework for Continuous Testing which helps us to hide the complexities of running performance tests
  • We can feed several. jmx input files into Taurus and generate respective Output
  • Fits performance testing into your CI/CD pipeline much more efficiently
  • Using this tool we could monitor console status and pseudo-graphic charts during the execution phase and provide the real time reporting with the multiple test output formats
  • Here we can define flexible pass/fail criteria. In case the results exceed a threshold, it is possible to automatically mark test(s) as failed and the detailed test level results would be enough for an analysis and won’t cause overhead during execution.

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