API Test Automation with Karate Framework improves Performance

API Test Automation with Karate Framework improves Performance

Software development teams are likely to increase productivity & reduce cost, here raises the need for API integration. Software application today makes use of APIs for both functional & nonfunctional requirements, this powers internal structures and makes navigating of the software possible. Before API Integration QA engineers need to verify the APIs quality, if not the costs of the defects rack up higher than the testing. Recently to reduce repetitive and manual work developers adopt automation API testing tools to test fast & release fast.

API test Automation using Karate framework has become a top choice due to its easiness of integration into Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment(CI/CD) pipeline and many other cool features. Karate Testing Framework allows even non developers to write API test quickly and ensure its compatibility. With this Karate Framework even tester without any programming background can perform tests more easily. It’s an open-source Behavior Driven Development (BDD) testing framework for API test automation, based on Cucumber and uses the Gherkin Syntax.

For instance, Manual Testing of an eCommerce like application for dead/Inactive API would be hard and unimaginable with huge nos of API collections.  The Behavior Driven Development (BDD) approach and Gherkin style syntax of Karate Framework makes it easier to write API tests and execute tests with one-click and get through reports. Such API testing is done to test business logic, data responses and security, and performance bottlenecks.

Features & Benefits of API Test Automation using Karate Framework

  • Karate features a multi-thread parallel execution
  • It has detailed logs and reporting
  • It simplifies automation testing with minimum lines of code.
  • It provides information about unexpected or missing data or paths during software testing.
  • One framework for cross-browser Web UI automation and Desktop automation testing
  • QA and developer teams can work together with standard SCM or Git.

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