Outsource Selenium Test Automation Services to India for 40% Cost Savings

Outsource Selenium Test Automation Services to India for 40% Cost Savings

Websites, web apps and desktop applications form an important component of businesses today. Increasing demands for quality and pressures to go on time-to-market and cost are some of the key drivers of test automation. Further, to achieve uncompromising software quality in Agile and DevOps development environments, testing to be done at a rapid pace and efficiency improve. This causes Test Automation imperative for Businesses.

In today’s time, many organizations opt to outsource their test automation services to an external company. Open Source Solutions have high appeal in the IT community, and we continue to see Selenium rise in popularity. Our Selenium Testing experts have helped global enterprises to deliver flawless performance to their users.

Selenium Test Automation

Every time the application undergoes major changes, you need to schedule test script maintenance so as to improve its scope & coverage. We offer a wide range of Selenium automated testing services, which increases the  effectiveness, efficiency and coverage of the application. And we implement the structural and maintainable framework architecture for the application to implement the CI/CD process more effectively. Such as Selenium automated testing, automation framework creation, integration with test management tools, etc. helps you realize your quality vision.

Types of Selenium Testing Framework we Implement

  1. Data-driven framework
  2. Modular testing framework
  3. Keyword Driven Testing Framework
  4. Hybrid Testing Framework
  5. Behavior Driven Development Testing Framework

By keeping client’s requirement in mind we offer Selenium Test Automation services on Selenium RC / Selenium WebDriver or Selenium IDE itself depending on the complexity and amount of test cases with focus on maintenance of test scripts and continuous improvement to regression test suite. We do Selenium Test Automation using the programming language of your choice (Java, PHP, C#, Ruby, Perl, Python).

Benefits of Outsourcing Selenium Test Automation Services

  • Re-usability of code saves time & efforts
  • Provide effective reporting of automated test execution results
  • Selenium provides support across multiple browsers, operating system
  • Ensure the process is consistent, reliable and maintainable with proof of concept
  • Integration with many plug-ins and supplementary tools to manage logging and reporting
  • Better insights of test coverage than manual testing & helps the developer to fix the bug easily

Actually, our software testers will unburden your development team from the extra burden, and let them engage in more productive tasks that would vastly improve the overall robustness, stability, and quality of your software. We can implement Selenium automated testing solutions for you to meet your timelines, budget and quality goals.

To Outsource Selenium Test Automation services and shorten your software automation testing cycles by multiple folds, take the wide advantages of our expert & dedicated automation testing services team in India with time-to-market strategy and competitive pricing. Post your requirements here to get Free Quote & Free Pilot.