Cucumber bridges the gaps between Developers & Business Stakeholders

Cucumber bridges the gaps between Developers & Business Stakeholders

In general, the tendency of developers is to develop features and write test code later, but there was gaps in terms of what a stakeholder needs vs. what gets delivered. To bring the stakeholders and developers on the same page about “what” has to be done Cucumber BDD (Behaviour-Driven Development) is a way. Cucumber facilitates communication and collaboration between various roles in software development life cycle, tests written in a medium and language that business stakeholders can understand directly interacts with the developers’ code, this is a rising methodology to test and check your code.

ANGLER being a leading software test automation company in India makes use of Concrete and Collaborative Cucumber Tool for Behaviour -Driven Development and bridges gap by ensuring the application runs properly.  By using Cucumber automation tool, we write acceptance tests for web application and cater to any testing requirement of the customer and generate reports. Our Cucumber test automation code is human-readable user story, focuses on end-user experience.

With test automation frameworks & tools our automation testing team helps get rid of the ambiguity and makes everything connect to the entire software development life cycle. We use Gherkins keywords in our feature files and easily write user stories in a more efficient way. This tool integrates with Selenium-Java, Nightwatch.JS etc. and enables to predict the performance.

To avail our test automation services that deliver high value to your business or hire functional automation testers contact us or leave us an enquiry, we will provide robust support to test automation challenges.