Selenium with PHP for Automation & Enhanced Cross Browser Testing

Selenium with PHP for Automation & Enhanced Cross Browser Testing

Ideally, if you want to test your app on all browsers and all platforms to make sure that your web site or web application functions correctly in various web browsers selenium is the best tool for the job. Selenium supports and encourages Automation Testing of web-based applications across a wide range of browsers[ for cross browser testing ] and platforms.

Testing is a method to assert that the app behaves a certain way. We at ANGLER boost client satisfaction by performing user acceptance testing prior to system being delivered to a live environment. Our testing team has immense domain expertise in using Selenium testing tool for automated software testing of application developed in PHP programming language.

This tool saves time on running tests repeatedly on different browsers, besides identifies functional errors in each of the browser and ensure that tests are executed consistently with the same preconditions and expectations.

Benefits of Automated Cross Browser Testing with Selenium

  • Supports execution of regression tests
  • Aids in testing a large test matrix
  • Enables parallel execution, improves accuracy
  • Encourages unattended execution
  • Minimizes test execution times & helps meet short deadlines

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