Automated Software Testing improves Application Quality

Automated Software Testing improves Application Quality

In today´s world, it is a challenge for software development companies to deliver software without flaws. Every tester performs many tests to advance the quality and efficiency of the software application. As software developers edit source code software tests should be repeated and to repeat this test whenever needed automated testing has become important.

Throughout development when a source code is edited software tests should be repeated each time to ensure quality. In automation once if a test is created it can be run over and over again every time at no additional cost. As automated software tests provide lengthy tests coverage it helps developers & testers to easily perform thousands of different complex test cases and increase their confidence. Automation testing is the best way to instantly manage risks and get maximum ROI.

Automated testing has become an essential component for successful project development due to its ability to perform the entire test without developer/tester interaction. Automation testing reacts to ever-changing software systems and it is of great value as we are able to release the application bug free and on time. An automated software testing tool enables test engineer to execute tasks impossible with manual testing, replay any predefined / pre-recorded procedures and compare the outcome to the expected one easily and efficiently.

Benefits of Automated Software Testing

  • Faster, reliable and accurate
  • Wider test coverage opportunity
  • Saves Time & Cost
  • Increases performance
  • Perform test frequently & thoroughly
  • Early time to market

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