The Way Forward for Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

Continuous Testing services

Software testing is done to evaluate and verify the software product or application against what it is supposed to do. In today’s time of agile software development environment, testing team’s working model need to meet with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery/Deployment need. To gain momentum, software testing team automates the provisioning of test environments and make the testing process manageable.

Recently our software testers were hired to test a logistics industry application with CI/CD approach. Here our software testers need to continuously test releases every sprint, functions both minor or major updates. As most of the functions are standardized, client requirement to our QA Testing team was to set up a strategic test automation suite that address business logic and the technical difficulties. Inline to this requirement, our QA team suggested the process of Continuous Testing that should be integrated into the delivery pipeline using tools like Jenkins.

As per plan, we worked with the DevOps development team to set up automated tests (maybe gate test) as criteria to promote from development to test, also worked to set up automated build and deploy processes. By loading predefined quality assurance (QA) scripts to automated tools and testing all development stages we identified bugs as they happen and support developers to fix the bugs as part of their regular development work. This continuous CI/CD testing approach ensures the pipeline is efficient even while introducing more validation into the process from start to finish.

Benefits of Continuous Testing Services

  • Shortened development cycles
  • Faster release cycles
  • Continuous feedback incorporation at each stage
  • Frequent releases
  • Accelerated time to market

In fact, automation is the key to address continuous feedback and continuous Iterations. To improve your software development process by ensuring code quality contact us.

End-to-end Functional Testing for the Cloud-based Managed Print Solution Provider

End-to-end Functional Testing services

To ensure a software application or product is working as intended is mandatory before its launch. To ensure its proper working we have to test it beforehand. This is where Functional Testing plays a crucial role in the life-cycle of the software application. Therefore, we find web and mobile apps have been put to regression testing also as a core part of Quality Assurance (QA) and software testing.

How Software Testing ensures a long product life-cycle

Some of the popular software applications are hosted online and supported by mobile applications which is usually updated and published in later versions. With regard to a next generation print management suite which is profusely used in many industries, such as education, technology, research, office management etc., end-to-end functional testing is critical for its life-cycle and continual performance.  This cloud-based user oriented print management system mainly handles local and cloud print jobs, scan jobs, fax jobs, etc. The application is meant for tracking purposes and is the integration of other office technology products. The primary intention for testing it is to ensure there is quality in the released product version offered on the market.

End-to-end Functional testing on a daily basis for Print Management App

The software testing team at ANGLER was given this product for testing, whose new features released on the market is on sprint basis. Functional end-to-end testing on a daily basis is being carried out on both the new and existing functionalities of the software application. The testing team began regression tests on printing of all formats of documents/images, both locally and remotely, while tracking the accountable details in the server. The team undertook functional testing and standardized the deliverables. End-to-end Functional testing thus helped to provide the best delivery of the product whenever the version is released.

The software testing team at ANGLER has the right experience and expertise to deliver results. The team can help you to build the right application and test it for your business, eCommerce, service or any other app idea. Know more about our software testing capabilities from our website. You can also leave an enquiry with us and we will get in touch with you as early as possible.

Benchmark Testing done for a Logistics Industry based Web Application

Benchmark Testing

Benchmark testing is done as part of the application development life cycle. We usually do this performance testing to assess the quality measures. One of our client asked us to test their web application and compare the systems performance against specific performance metrics to ensure quality standards. Client gave us the overall metrics based on the daily usage of application such as number of users using the application, transaction per second, frequent freight price changes, hardware, network utilization etc.

Our QA team with expertise took up the project and did performance benchmark testing of the logistics application for Service level agreements, determine current performance and see to for changes to improve performance of all its functional operation. Our goal was to create a testing scenario by describing the different ways the feature will be used.  By understanding the system architecture, we executed the test case and recorded the results to find out loop holes in the performance of the deliverables whenever it is released.

  • Various functional testing we did to the application helped them to determine the performance related bug that occurred due to heavy usage of the application.
  • We practically established user/customer experience and helped them to identify essential activities
  • We ensured operating system and supporting drivers work accurately. Examined initial static data and update according to no of users

Benchmark testing done helped client to understand how the database manager responds to different conditions. To test your application and to ensure that it satisfies the business requirements contact us we can assist you identify the error and resolve them to get a quality product.

Functional Automation Testing for an eCommerce Application using Test Project

Functional Automation Testing

Any web or mobile applications need to be tested & ensured that it’s user-friendly and functions properly under different circumstances. Even a slightest error in the code may lead to wrong operating of important functions so we with mature analytical knowledge, skills and broad testing experience combine the best practices of functional automation testing to verify whether the software product complies with all functional aspects of a product.

We do functional testing for Web, Android, iOS applications and support clients to monitor for unexpected failures. There’re a few things that are often overlooked during the software development phase, so QA engineers focus on validating the system to ensure quality after every development and release. Our Functional testing team use Test project an Open Source Tool to debug fast and release at confidence with outstanding reports.

Test Project Tool allows testers and app developers to do their jobs quickly, besides enables them collaborate using popular open source frameworks (e.g., Selenium and Appium) to ensure quality with speed. Recently our QA team have implemented the recently released Test Project Tool version to automate the eCommerce application and enhance the customer experience. The newly added add-ons in test project tool helped us to execute the automation in an improved manner and also meet the functional test coverage of whole eCommerce application.

As a premium QA service provider in India, we do understand the software that is to be tested and decide on a set of tests to run like performance, usability, resilience, security, scalability. Our end-to-end functional automation testing covered all the scenarios that the end-users usually work out, thus uncovered several critical bugs before release. And our QA Team progressed scheduler running of test in the test project tool make the automation testing more easily to run the test at the specified whenever the client needs.

Advantages of Functional Automation Testing using Test Project

  • Ensures greater accuracy and efficiency
  • Enables collaborative testing
  • Does test record for Web, Android & iOS apps
  • Tests browser compatibility for Web, Android & iOS
  • Measures success vs failure during various periods
  • Smart test recorder allows you to effortlessly create automated tests

To bring high-quality software to the market faster at significantly lower costs contact us. We can help you implement a robust functional automation testing strategy and reduce time to market using latest automation tools.

Automation Testing Services to Help Minimize Time to Market

Automation Testing Services

Time-to-market is a key metric for competitive success of many companies. In general, software development is a long process and continual product validation helps you to meet your customers’ needs -strengthening your brand loyalty. To meet this market demand, we offer Automation testing services that improve the quality and efficiency of software systems. To improve market-opportunity businesses should fully assess the numerous factors that will yield the highest payoff.

In this fact paced & hyper competitive world to achieve customer satisfaction you have to ensure quality of your application. Any Software developed is introduced in the market only after the software developers complete their tests. Even then, at times the defects protrude and destroy your time to market target, to arrest this Automation testing is must. By adopting this regressive testing process you can improve not only the quality of the application but also its efficiency.

Key Automation Testing strategies we follow facilitate the client to work seamlessly. Our Test Automation services includes

  • Test tools selection
  • Identify & automate test scenarios
  • Setting up Test environment
  • Test browser compatibility
  • System functionality Testing
  • Testing the software system on different platforms
  • Testing the software system with various configurations
  • Generation of Automation Test Report
  • Test Script Maintenance

To make life easier, save time and ensure the application works as expected outsource our automated testing services and ensure accuracy by running all tests associated. For more details on the types of testing services we offer just contact us.


Selenium Automation Testing Solution for Web Applications

Selenium Automation testing services

Growing complexity of software and reduced time for product development lifecycle has made automation testing critical. With regular changes being made to website applications the need for automation testing has increased in recent years. To cater to the rising needs of testing services and to help clients successfully and rapidly rollout the web applications We provide Selenium Automation Testing, Selenium automated regression testing, Selenium browser compatibility testing etc.

Selenium is an open source web testing tool that reduces time efforts and delivers a bug free product. This tool allows testers to automate highly repetitive test cases and get insights into code coverage and ensure a flawless user experience, state if the product is behaving as expectedOur broad exposure to Test Automation projects has enabled us to create automated software tests and deal with complex features, bugs, pitfalls besides meet your time to market goals.

Selenium Automation Testing has following feature,

  • Fast, Reliable & Repeatable
  • Increased testing speed saves time
  • Increased test coverage
  • Predictable Quality
  • Greater Consistency
  • Unattended processing


For efficient test automation solution and for sufficient test coverage of your web application contact us. Our experience in automation testing services helps you to achieve predictable quality.



Security Testing Solution to Identify Vulnerabilities in Web Applications

Web application security testing

Lots and lots of web applications exist today, to make our lives easier and much more interesting, as we can pay bills, shop online and communicate with others to make us feel as we can do everything we imagine with web. Most transactions have been accessed via web application these days; numerous vital data will be stored in web application database so proper security is significant for web applications that contain confidential data.

Everyone using these applications will not have perception about applications and about its functionality; the reality is that there might be some “malicious” attackers trying to destroy web applications by attacking and stealing data, which may cause weakness in the application is called as Vulnerability.

To make our client’s web application secured and free from obstructions, we provide high-end security testing services to identify vulnerabilities in web application. The method we adopt to test web applications has been customized in a way to identify flaws in the security mechanisms of the system that protect data and maintain functionality as intended. The ultimate aim of our security testing for web applications is to detect the loopholes and weakness in the application.

To get your application tested for vulnerability, make use of  our exclusive security testing service & to know more contact us.


Cucumber Automation Testing Tool Bridges the Gaps Between Developers & Business Stakeholders

Cucumber Automation Testing Tool

In general, the tendency of developers is to develop features and write test code later, but there was gaps in terms of what a stakeholder needs vs. what gets delivered. To bring the stakeholders and developers on the same page about “what” has to be done Cucumber BDD (Behaviour-Driven Development) is a way. Cucumber facilitates communication and collaboration between various roles in software development life cycle, tests written in a medium and language that business stakeholders can understand directly interacts with the developers’ code, this is a rising methodology to test and check your code.

Being a leading software test automation company in India makes use of Concrete and Collaborative Cucumber Tool for Behaviour -Driven Development and bridges gap by ensuring the application runs properly.  By using Cucumber automation tool, we write acceptance tests for web application and cater to any testing requirement of the customer and generate reports. Our Cucumber test automation code is human-readable user story, focuses on end-user experience.

With test automation frameworks & tools our automation testing team helps get rid of the ambiguity and makes everything connect to the entire software development life cycle. We use Gherkins keywords in our feature files and easily write user stories in a more efficient way. This tool integrates with Selenium-Java, NightwatchJS etc. and enables to predict the performance.

To avail our test automation services that deliver high value to your business or hire functional automation testers contact us or leave us an enquiry, we will provide robust support to test automation challenges.


Automation Testing Services using Katalon Studio Tool

Katalon Studio Tool

Automation Testing is best suited for projects that require substantial amount of tests. To repeat test case, improve quality & overcome common challenges automated testing is more reliable and way quicker.  Whenever coding updates are made or new functions are developed we use reliable automation testing tools to increase test speed, test efficiency and software quality.

In today´s fast moving world, clients prefer software development processes that will be released earlier, without any bugs. In line to this requirement, we use Katalon Studio Tool, a powerful automation tool set for web and mobile app testing. It supports data-driven testing which allows users to define data sets and execute test scripts that use these data sets. The powerful features here help overcome common challenges in web UI test automation, for example, pop-up, iframe, and wait-time.

By using Katalon Studio tool we do the following

  • Create test scenarios that accurately simulate real business work flows
  • Runs test cases or test suites using multiple configurations and data sets.
  • Do continuous integration by integrating the Popular CI tools such as Jenkins and Teamcity
  • Achieve complex functionality using script mode
  • Generate multiple intelligent report with screenshots


If you want Katalon Studio automation testing solution services that provides lots of capabilities and customization’s for effortless maintenance and project scale up Contact Us.