Case Study

eCommerce Web Application Testing Solution

eCommerce Web Application Testing Solution


Client is maintaining a web application and allows IT Recruiters, Sales persons to subscribe by offering features such as posting/searching resumes, requirements and also helps to make IT purchase and sales easier.


Client’s requirement was to perform full regression test on the functionalities and process of the application across different browsersAs the application has few known bugs, client wants to perform a vigorous testing and identify all hidden bugs. Their main objective was to make the application fit for further enhancements.

What We Did

ANGLER’S well-talented Testing engineers tested the below features of the application vigorously

  • Posting  Comments as like in social media
  • Identifying People with their designation
  • Outlook Features and email triggering
  • Sending friend request and creating groups
  • Adding Company profile
  • Searching people, companies and projects
  • Sharing Blogs

Testing Technologies

Manual  & cross-browser testing


  • Hidden bugs of the application were identified and has been fixed, which enables to target on further enhancements
  • Job search has been made easy for IT sales and Profile search made easy for IT Purchase
  • Perfect Outlook integration to maintain IT Sales and Purchase email records
  •  Users can contact any IT sales and IT Purchase in-charge
  • Users can send requests to add in group and communicate with each other at any time