Case Study

M-Commerce Application Functional Testing Increases Seamless User Experience

M-Commerce Application Functional Testing Increases Seamless User Experience


A leading online retail business specializing in offering an extensive range of products in various categories, to cater to different interests and needs. With a strong presence in the digital marketplace, the company aims to provide a seamless and convenient shopping experience to customers worldwide.


To assess the functionality of the M-commerce application and help them in providing exceptional customer experience thus ensuring a profitable business. In specific the store owner wanted to build rapport with their customers and, in turn, make them come back for more because of their experience with the mobile application. He further asked us to improve customer satisfaction wherein they could get valuable referrals for even more downloads& app ratings. Having understood their domain our team was supposed to identify the bugs before its launch.

What We Did

Our QA test engineers having studied the client requirement wrote test cases for M-Commerce application functional testing. We did full round of functional testing to make application more reliable. Formulated various test cases to check the functionality of the mobile application that makes it possible for people to buy on the go, notify them about sales and special offers or let them know when items they want come back in stock.

  • Test the responsive design of the m-commerce application in mobile devices of various screen sizes.
  • Tested the functionality of Features like push notifications, wish lists, and product filtering, sorting
  • Tested if client address is geo tagged to suggest them the nearest store
  • Check whether or not any available offers, coupons, or deals are displayed to the customer
  • Payment Options, customer loyalty program working nature & total amount display within the cart including taxes as per locations
  • Check the payment is processed correctly by using all kinds of payment methods such as Debit Card, Credit Card, Internet Banking, PayPal, etc.,
  • Options to automatically save client address, billing & shipping details for future purchases, various other valuable insights.
  • Post-order use case such as cancelling the order, returning the product, tracking details, order summary details, etc.

With every update a new functional testing cycle is recommended to make sure that the functionality is not impacted. Further to it we tested the app’s performance in the face of real-world situations and ensured end to end functionality of the mobile application such as user experience, secure transactions, mobile responsiveness, customer data security, load time, etc.

Technologies Used

  • Java
  • Android
  • iOS
  • MS SQL
  • React.js

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