Case Study

Mobile Performance Testing Solutions using JMeter

Mobile Performance Testing Solutions using JMeter


The client belongs to taxi booking services via their mobile apps and thru website to their customers across 6 states in India.


Client’s system is designed specifically to book a taxi either by customer/admin credentials. The driver app keeps on sending its latitude & longitude points to server, that in-turn makes the server busy and slow and finally some data’s are not logged into their database. Hence the client wanted us to check the web service with specific amount of users per second should attack the server.

What We Did

Our performance testing professionals assaulted the issue by building reliable architecture that makes the Apache JMeter to hit the specific amount of virtual mobile app users to the server. This architecture includes, gradually increasing the number of users (e.g., 5000) at every (e.g., 1 min) of time and in-turn gives the client a confidence that the load test adhered is equivalent to real world loads. Post to the run, the performance testing results are analyzed and conveyed to the developers and operations team for further enhancements if needed.

Technologies Used

  • Apache JMeter


  • Appropriate details are getting stored in database
  • Able to detect number of users the server can handle
  • Real-time user count increase in server