Case Study

US based Automation & Systems Testing

US based Automation & Systems Testing


The client is an US based provider of automation and systems integration services


The client had several of its engineers working onsite at different locations. It wanted an application that would allow its engineers to share data (drawings, files etc.,) among themselves and also with their customers.

What We Did

ANGLER developed a web-based application as a solution to the client’s requirement. The application allowed sharing of files between customers and engineers working on the same project. The application had features like file sharing, project creation and privileged-based access to executives & customers. The application was designed to handle files with large sizes.

Testing Technologies

automation testing services


The solution allowed the client to

  • Reduce communication costs
  • Securely transfer data
  • Work more closely with clients
  • Transfer large files across geographical boundaries

The solution additionally allowed the client to build better relations with its team of engineers and most importantly its clients.