Case Study

Functionality Testing of ERP Application for a logistics company

Functionality Testing of ERP Application for a logistics company


Client is a pioneering logistics company in Dubai, UAE. Over years of experience they transformed from being a shipping line agent to a much diversified logistics company. They do freight management, warehousing and distribution, project management, container and much more to serve the needs of the market.


The client wanted to test the functionality of their web based ERP Application which performs services like Customer Management, Quotation Management, Warehouse Management & Transport Management.

What We Did

Out testing team studied the various features of each modules such as CRM, QMS, DMS, WMS, UMS etc in detail. Based on those features, high level business scenarios are derived and they were also categorized based on UI, functionality and regression. For each scenarios derived we created detailed test cases and executed all those to test its functionality & UI.

Certain critical parameters we verified include the following

  • Import, export & warehousing charge calculations are tested with accurate calculation logic as per the weight of the goods
  • Invoice generation is verified for all transactions
  • N number of report are generated with various combinations and tested for their accuracy.

Testing Technologies

manual testing services


  • Accurate cost calculations.
  • Accurate Reports on Import, export & storage cost
  • Enriched UI / UX
  • Bug free application