Case Study

Cucumber Based Automation Testing to Validate End-user Experience

Cucumber Based Automation Testing to Validate End-user Experience


The US based client is engaged into entertaining its customers with stream live events, upload highlights, etc on a custom video platform. The engage fans across the world on their favourite devices anywhere anytime. The client also generates revenue with the native advertising tools and runs advanced analytics.


Since the client found obstacles in handling the automation test script report and in the triggered mails, they required to customize and consolidate the reports that are generated by those automated test scripts. The client needs to generate a complete automaton statistic visual representation of the overall scripts summary in HTML format.

What We Did

Our automation testing team implemented the java plugin that provides cucumber reports to focus on end-user experience. The script being run with Node JS and selenium server, converts the json report into an overview of HTML that links with status and results. Cucumber plug-ins makes the work easier and the reports will be generated with more TAT. For each build / script run, Cucumber provides an automation statistic that makes the documentation process simpler than before. Their customers are able to access the report data directly thru emails.

 Technologies Used

  • Cucumber
  • Node Js
  • Selenium


  • Display reports like an attractive dashboard
  • Able to access report data directly via email
  • Easy, quick & cost-effective to implement
  • Quick TAT in report generation by saving time & resource