Case Study

Selenium Tool Is A Perfect Choice for Automated Testing of Web Applications

Selenium Tool Is A Perfect Choice for Automated Testing of Web Applications


Client is a product development organization providing Real Time Automatic Vehicle Location & Tracking Solutions. They are into GPS tracking & management of vehicles and remote asset monitoring. They provide an integrated solution for any Fleet Management requirement.


As the client is into product development, frequent releases take place which requires fast and accurate test cycle closure. Client wanted to have a clear test strategy to achieve this without any compromise towards quality.

What We Did

Our Testing team studied the client need & automated all the current functionality of the software using Selenium scripts which is a perfect choice for automation testing (can be executed at any time as needed). Our automation test engineers were able to deliver a comprehensive solution by writing relevant Selenium scripts to cover the functionalities of all pages. All Pages have been automated completely which in turn reduced the time efforts involved to monitor & make manual entries each time. Besides, each & every time a new release is made; it is easy to execute an overall regression test on the overall functionality and deliver a bug free quality product to our customers. Our dedicated remote software testing team not only automated the testing but also came up with the right test strategy for the customer’s requirements.

Technologies Used

  • Selenium
  • Cross-Browser Testing


  • Reusable script for regression testing
  • Browser compatibility tests
  • Bug free application
  • Log generation to monitor stepwise testing.
  • Accelerate time to market
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Improve Product quality